Deathlands (2003)
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Language English
Country USA
Released 17 May 2003
IMDB tt0312603
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In 2084, a nuclear war wasted Earth, making the sky red of chemicals and the former United States of America becomes Deathlands. Breeds of mutants and half-mutants share what was left on Earth with humans. The vile of "Front Royale" is ruled by a good man, but he is killed by his wife Lady Rachel Cawdor, and his evil son Harvey Cawdor kills one of his brothers and blinds one eyes of his fifteen years old brother Ryan, who escapes. Twenty years later, the one-eyed leader Ryan Cawdor returns to "Front Royale" with his girlfriend and half-mutant Krysty Worth, his human friend and specialist in weapons JB Dix and the teenage mutant Jak Laurent to face his brother and his stepmother.

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