Homeworld (2008)
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Language English
Country USA
Released 13 Jan 2008
IMDB tt1230538
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The year: 3037. Earth is at war with aliens called Mendax. They have remarkable mental abilities and are determined to wipe out all mankind. In retaliation, a military team is sent to the Mendax homeworld. Their mission: To deliver the Devorga Strain, a powerful virus engineered to attack the Mendax immune system, exterminating them from their planet. One of the team members is terribly injured when their ship crash lands on the Mendax homeworld. Will they leave a member of their team behind, or risk being slowed by the burden? When the secret of Homeworld is discovered, they must find the truth within themselves or all is lost. But how can you learn the truth when everything you see and feel may be an illusion?

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